Footmuffs for Her Feet

Just as we have mufflers for our necks in the freezing cold weather, and we have mufflers for our shoulders for that late-night walk that could get chilly even in summer; we also have mufflers for those poor feet that help carry us all day long.

When and where

When and where we wear those footmuffs defines the type that we will buy. Curling up on the sofa or that huge coach watching a movie you might not feel the little hint of cold that the heaters hadn’t quite taken care of, but your toes feel them. So, you decide that you are going to get some footmuffs.

Of course, the foot mufflers that you will get for using on your couch will not suit that winter trip you are taking with your husband. You will be going to that cabin in the hills.


So, you buy a lightweight wool muffler for using on that comfy couch and in the warmth of your home. Needless to say, you kept looking for just the right muffler that will match your favorite pajamas. Still, it does not matter that they are dreamy pink and light since you will only wear them at home.

The cabin

Still, you haven’t bought the more important one of them, after all, you are going to the cabin this weekend. So, you leave the sleepwear department and hurry to the footwear to find a muffler that is thick, lined with fur, and not too bulky

After an extensive search, you find what you are looking for, a thick purple muffler, soft and fleecy but very warm and fur lined. Just the right thing for the long evening and night. Of course, the fur is faux, but it is soft and comfy.